Cookin’ with Nell

Wicked Good Easter Bread

Wicked Good Easter Bread

Hi, my name is Donella and my claim to fame is that {I believe} I’m the oldest (61) “Donella“. My dad was DONald and my mom carmELLA, and that’s how I ended up being Donella, how I ended up being so old I have no idea. Something else about me, I’m very proud to be called a housewife or homemaker. I take great pride in the food that I cook and the home that I make for my family. I guess I’m enough of a throwback that my son decided I needed to blog my recipes and household hints. I’m hoping to update this site whenever I find something that’s ‘blog worthy’ and I’m also hoping that you’ll feel free to comment on these creations and maybe even share some of your recipes with me. So, go grab a cup of tea and have at it. Enjoy.

Note: A few years ago my cousin Carol (see Farmer’s Casserole) and I put together a book of my then most requested recipes. Dan has managed to input this book onto my blog. It’s called Fork ‘n Spoon. Don’t let the page numbering throw you, keep scrolling down and you’ll eventually get to the place you want to be. If you are very attentive you may notice that a few of the earlier Fork ‘n Spoon recipes are also on this blog. If I were you I’d go with the blog version as it has been updated and improved upon, hopefully.


3 comments so far

  1. stinkle4 on

    Yay, first comment!! Congratulations on your blog, I’m sure it will be a hit since you’re the best cook in the whole world!

  2. Tee on

    Very cool! I will use this site often and send the link to my friends who constantly ask for your recipes!
    I am so glad you are ‘blogging’ since I still don’t really understand what that is!

  3. Nancy Murdock on

    Donella, what a beautifully interactive site. Thanks for the head’s up. It was wonderful to see your lovely face again! Your cooking and baking recipes have become a staple in my kitchen. I think of you often and now have another resource from you. How lucky are we who know you?Good luck with it. I’ll check back often. Happy Spring to you and yours! All is terrific on my end–planning a December wedding! Happy, happy, happy!

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